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Mediation in real estate transactions

Mediation in real estate transactions involves a range of activities, from checking the purpose and legal status of the premises, consulting on determining sale/purchase price, organisation of purchase, preparation of contract documents, to registration of the real estate and other activities connected with the process of selling or purchasing a real estate. 

In cooperation with our verified collaborators (surveyors, lawyer offices, notary publics and other participants in the process), we offer a comprehensive service suited to your needs. 

Consulting, development, investment project management and realisation

We offer the services of business consulting in construction or investment in construction, together with consulting services in implementing all your projects. 
Your business investments ask for maximum understanding of the regional market and careful planning of your construction. It is thus imperative to use out experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to achieve best results. 

Our experts offer services of business consulting in all the phases of your development projects, from market analysis and municipal infrastructure, through obtaining and supervision of necessary permits, to financial consulting on the feasibility of your project. 
Use the possibility of business advices and consulting and find the optimal solution for your planned project. 

We are also at your service for further phases of your project development, from actual construction to project finalisation and valorisation of your project through pro-active sale. 

Design and complete equipment for interior 

You have bought an apartment or a house, or you are in the process of planning or construction of a building real estate? WE have solutions for for all the steps necessary to furnish your building to the last detail. 
A part of our company is also an interior design studio, DeCore, which offers advice and consulting services on designing, conceptual and execution solutions, 3D visualisation, surveillance and coordination or work, as well as turnkey system home staging .  

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Real estate valuation

We offer the service of real estate valuation in cooperation with reputable licenced real estate appaisors.